The ii V I’s were really my first legitimate small group jazz experience. Bill was patient, knowledgable and understanding of the level we were at as students. His ability as a player notwithstanding, he is a wonderful, organized (I still have my play-along CDs Bill burned for everyone in the combo) and thoughtful teacher. Now that I am a full-time jazz musician and educator, I can say with utmost certainty that Bill’s skills as a player and teacher (particularly being able to do both at such a high level) are rare.


Combo Workshop Alum and Professional Jazz Trumpeter

Our son has enjoyed being a member of Mr. Chapin’s summer jazz combo workshop for the last two years as well as many trips to jazz jams. He has learned a lot of improvisational skills as well as a deeper love for jazz.



It’s refreshing to have a teacher who involves the individual student in the selection and direction of music and evolves the students of a jazz combo into creative improv musicians. I recommend him for those who really want to keep growing musically.


Former Student and Workshop Participant

Mr. Chapin is one of the finest all-round musicians in the entire Chicago area. His depth of musicianship is a great asset as a piano Instructor, as he can pass on something intangible about the art of being a good player, not simply an excellent pianist, in the technical sense.


Parent and Musician

While he was a pit band director, his enthusiasm was apparent in everything he did–it was impossible to miss. It was evident that understanding his students comes naturally to him, and he demonstrated an incredible gift for bringing a group of people very closely together. He left a lasting impression on meand my peers and continues to be a wonderful role model for us


Jazz Piano Student and Pit Band Member