May the Fourth Soloing Guide

Backing Tracks

Soloing Guide for May the Fourth

(For GMS 8th grade jazz band members)

Below you will find directions, a soloing guide document, and a backing track to help you practice. Let Mr. Chapin know of any questions.


  1. Download the Soloing Guide document, which shows you…
    1. the Soloing Chord Changes
    2. Guide tones (notes you can shoot for in your solo)
    3. A sample solo
  2. Practice soloing over the backing track
  3. When you’re ready, have someone record you (video and audio) on a phone while play your solo with the backing track playing in the background
  4. Send the video to Mr. Chapin at or 847-254-8750. Please get it to Mr. Chapin by Tuesday, end of day

Don’t worry about audio or video quality, have fun with this. It’s all about learning and helping you prepare to solo with the band.

Download the Soloing Guide for your instrument:

Practice soloing with the backing track.

Note: your solo will just be once through, but the backing track plays the passage 3 times to help you practice.


Backing Tracks for May the Fourth Be With You

This set of tracks consists of piano, bass and drums background and will help you practice soloing on our tune

The track begins with 8 beats of count in and then follows the changes our tune.