Advanced Level Auditions Information

Advanced Audition Directions

Horn Players
  1. Play the melody for Bluesish
  2. Improvise (solo) one chorus through the tune
Comping Instruments–Piano, Guitar, Vibes
  1. Play the melody for Bluesish
  2. Comp (play chords as if you’re accompanying a horn player) over the tune
  3. Improvise once over the tune
Bass Players
  1. Play a walking bass line for Bluesish
  2. Improvise (solo) at least once through the tune
  1. Play what you would play for Bluesish (whole form of the tune)
  2. Solo once through the form of the tune
  1. Vocalists are free to submit a recording of any song of their choice
  2. Improvise (scat) one chorus through the tune Bluesish
  3. Note: vocalists are encouraged to schedule an in-person audition–we will be glad to transpose the tune to your favorite key and assist with the audition)


Advanced Lead Sheets

To print your audition music, click on the button below for your instrument. The Advanced level audition piece for this year is titled Bluesish.

Backing Tracks for Bluesish

Use the tracks below to practice the audition piece. You will hear 4 beats of drums, and then you are at the top of the tune.

Use the 115 bpm version to rehearse; then work your way up to the 144 bpm track for the audition.

We encourage you to play the backing track during your audition.

Use this set of tracks (pbd) if you are a horn player or vocalist

Drummers and bassists may use either set of tracks.

Use this set of tracks (bd) if you play piano, guitar or vibes